The ECO-TANKVAN design is covered by U.S. and Foreign Patents and is an innovative food-grade bulk liquid collapsible tank unit that easily converts a tank trailer into a standard trailer. The ECO-TANKVAN eliminates the costs and environmental effects associated with return trips taken by empty tank trailers after offloading their liquid cargo by allowing the same truck to carry a full packaged cargo load on the return leg.

Tank Mode

ECO-TANKVAN tank mode

The tank unit is semi-permanently installed and is compatible with any van trailer or inter-modal container. In the tank mode, the tank unit is rigid (not a bladder).

ECO-TANKVAN tank mode

Van Mode

ECO-TANKVAN van mode

Upon emptying of the liquid cargo, the tank collapses and retracts up to the trailer ceiling. The tank unit is compact, resulting in minimal space loss inside the trailer.

ECO-TANKVAN van mode


Economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability are two key competing business drivers. Transporting liquid bulk cargo is an economic necessity while trucks contribute about five percent of the greenhouse gases produced in this country.

Addressing the impact that trucking has on our environment is our responsibility and obligation. The ECO-TANKVAN can help you achieve two goals - reduce your transportation costs and reduce your company's carbon footprint.

Bulk Cargo Systems ECO-TANKVAN

Key Benefits

Green technology:
Cost reduction:
Industry compatible:
Active cargo temperature control::
Ease of use:
Compatible with standard semi-trailers and containers::
Assured safety:

Our Assurance of Quality

Extensive research and testing has been conducted on the ECO-TANKVAN to ensure that the ECO-TANKVAN safely and reliably transports your goods. As a demonstration of our confidence in the ECO-TANKVAN, all sales come with a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects, exclusive of normal wear and tear.

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Tank Specifications

Available in 2 models - E4000 (4,000 U.S. gallons) and E6000 (6,000 U.S. gallons)

Dimensions: E4000: Length: 21'; Width: 7'; Height: 4.5' E6000: Length: 27'; Width: 7'; Height: 4.5' Tare weight: 1,300 lbs (inclusive of liner)

Liner: FDA food-grade polyurethane inner-liner

Loading and Discharge:

Loading: Bottom rear of unit or at top of unit through 18" stainless steel man-way with vent Discharge: Single point at rear of unit Fittings at discharge point: 3" stainless steel ball valve; 3" stainless steel Camlock© coupling

Hoisting System:

Automatic, electric hoisting system: 110V plug-in; activated with the push of a button; auto-stop Screw-jack fail-safe lifting mechanism

Modular Unit:

Aluminum welded frame 8 point mounting (8 bolts) E4000: Length: 21'; Width: 8.5'; Height: 8' E6000: Length: 27'; Width: 8.5'; Height: 8' Van space loss: 4" interior width (2" each side); 12" interior height