About Us

ECO-TANKVAN is the 2nd generation of a proven liquid bulk transporter. The original patented invention was introduced in the late ‘90s. Over several years our units were operating successfully in various applications from liquid edibles such as sugar, corn syrup, dairy, chocolate to non-hazardous liquid chemicals such as ink and latex. The company, however, was wound down in the early 2000’s due to incredible resistance from the traditional liquid bulk carriers. The inventor also believed that the 1st generation design was overbuilt (too heavy and too expensive).

The ECO-TANKVAN (2nd generation) invention has achieved two major design and operational objectives over the former, weight reduction and simplification. New design patents are pending.

The most exciting advantage of all it is that the ECO-TANKVAN can reduce huge amounts of carbon emissions as compared to the traditional tanker. Typically, an 80,000 lb., 18 wheeler emits about 4,000 lbs. of carbon per 1,000 miles. Long haul tankers typically travel more than 100,000 miles a year resulting in 40,000 lbs. of carbon emissions for each truck.

The ECO-TANKVAN by eliminating 50,000 EMPTY return miles (for traditional tankers) reduces carbon emissions by 20,000 lbs a year. for each truck. Each 1,000 traditional tankers replaced with ECO-TANKVANs can reduce carbon emissions by 20,000,000 lbs. year!