trailers haul food grade and/or non-hazardous bulk liquids. They operate the same as traditional tank trailers, with the same pumps, valves, hoses and unique industry standard disposable liner. The ECO-TANKVAN is a semi permanent unit installed in standard van trailers without any modification to the trailer. Instead of an insulated van, cargo temperature is protected (indefinitely) with industry standard cargo heaters or refrigeration units.

The major advantage of the ECO-TANKVAN is that it eliminates the empty return trip of a traditional tank trailer by being able to haul other (packaged) cargo on the return trip. With a push of a button, the tank collapses and retracts into the ceiling of the trailer to allow for a full load of packed cargo. In addition to the elimination of the cost of the empty return it also eliminates the pollution and adverse environmental impact . . . thus the ECO-TANKVAN trailer is GREEN.

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